Building a log house.


There are 2 distinct stages to build a log house:



The manufacture of the framework requires space for storage and debarking of wood. Tracing, cutting and assembling logs -which is a completely handcrafted work- takes two to three months of work, depending on the size of the dwelling.

For these reasons, we prefer to carry out the manufacture of the frame in our workshop. Here are the steps:

  1. The peeling is carried out under pressured water and leaves the timber intact.
  2. The tracing is used to define the contours and angles of the armature over the entire length.
  3. The Cutting is done with a chainsaw and gives extremely accurate result.
  4. The logs are numbered and then dismantled to build packages that will be then loaded into a truck.



The roundwoods are unloaded and assembled on the final site.


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