History and etymology of log wood.


Log house is the term used to refer to any building made of stacked logs.



The image that we have of this construction method comes to us from the conquest of the American West, with its trappers living in their log cabins. They were conquerors, bringing with them their traditions, which included the log houses. Even today in Canada log construction is called "Scandinavian". The birthplace of this technique has to be searched near the rigors of the great European North including some East European countries where you can discover many buildings made of raw logs. Just open your eyes while walking in the Swiss Alps and you will see beautiful old cottages carved in wood that is naturally round. It is then easy to understand that when transport and sawmilling were extremely tedious works, carpenters did not hesitate to build with logs from the same place.



Let us return to North America in order to recognize the work that has been done. From the seventies to now days, log homes have regained a new vitality. This was mainly due to the appearance of light chain saws, that are the main tools to carve out wood. But also by the very human need to leave the grey and stereotyped urban context which represents the current life framework. To enter a log house is an experience, a warm and revitalizing experience. No need to explain it, it simply feels that way.


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